What happens at 2016 Main stays at 2016 Main.


Okay, okay we can’t guarantee that, but we promise we won’t talk. Whatever the event is you’re looking to host - corporate, private, or otherwise - we’d love to work with you to make it happen. We’ve teamed with our corporate clients to host daytime meetings and conferences, evening workshops, holiday parties, and more. Our staff loves to collaborate with non-profits to realize goals and commit to a mission - fundraisers, luncheons, dinners, and galas are just a few of the ways we’ve partnered with outstanding Kansas City organizations to achieve this in the past. Lastly, we always have a blast celebrating some amazing milestones - new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, heck we’ll celebrate making it to Friday if you want!


Although all rental packages are built differently depending on specific needs, each include the following services and features:
Unlimited planning sessions, use of Twenty-16 Main Lounge and soft furnishings, use of A/V system (including microphones, projector, and television), use of banquet tables and chairs, use of house sound system*.

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*If working with a music vendor other than our current preferred DJ Elite Sounds, there may be a small plug-in fee to use our equipment.